Seven Point Assessment™

Curly Hair Salon - Diagnostic Services

Go beyond curl pattern (2B, 3A, 4C, etc) to determine what makes your hair an Original!


Our Seven Point Assessment™ creates a complete map of your hair type, while educating and empowering you to understand and embrace your natural texture.


Your Original Moxie Stylist will diagnose your scalp health, hair texture, curl shape, density, curl pattern, moisture level, and porosity and, based on your Hair Type Personality™, assess which products best fit your needs.

Free with any paid service, this diagnostic assessment can only be experienced at the Original Moxie Salon.


The information we collect is emailed to you in an easy-to-read form and kept on file at our Salon to provide us with a road map for your cutting, styling, and hair care needs.


This is the ideal place to begin your natural hair journey.

Natural hair salon - Diagnostic Services
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