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Discover what makes you an Original at the Original Moxie Salon! From our diagnostic approach to our personalized customer experience, we do things differently. Using our in-house, artisanal product line, we find your custom match and unlock your hair’s natural potential. Our core commitment to eco-friendly, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty means you can be sure that the products we use are not harmful to you or the environment. Click on the links to read more about us and our most consuming passions.

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Our Salon

Two women in the Original Moxie Salon.

Your search for the perfect hair day ends here! We will take the time to educate and empower you to embrace your natural texture. Our concierge approach includes:

  • An in-depth assessment of your hair type;
  • Customized product & service recommendations;
  • Services and products that optimize hair health.

Our philosophy is that ‘It’s ALL Good hair™’. Our texture-positive and health-centric approach includes all hair types. We specialize in curly hair with the Moxie Method™, a precision approach to cutting and styling textured hair that offers a long-wearing cut with no awkward grow-out. We offer a full range of holistic salon services as well as hair care consultations and product tutorials for every age – from toddler to senior.

What Makes Us Original

Our business is personal. It started with our Founder Rachel’s quest to understand and heal her dry, damaged curls. Over the course of ten years, she personally formulated a full line of natural hair care products and embarked upon a systematic study that included of over 1,000 heads of hair. (Yes, she is a tiny bit obsessed!). Eventually, she was able to identify patterns that linked hair type to product preference. These hair type ‘signatures’ became the basis for our Full Spectrum System™, a professional guide to moisture balancing™ and hair health.

Our Products

We believe that the basis for building hair health is a product regimen that supports proper hair and scalp ‘nutrition’ with natural ingredients, a balanced pH, and hair-type specific solutions.  All of our products are custom formulated by Rachel, our Brand Founder, to provide hairtype-specific solutions that optimize and enhance your natural texture.  We stand behind our commitment to hair health with a complementary Seven Point Assessment™ (hairtype diagnostic) for all new clients.

Learn more about our
comprehensive natural product line at originalmoxie.com.

The Hair Behind the Brand

Original Moxie's founder, Rachel, has curly hair and had her own unique journey, which is why she started the brand.

Original Moxie Founder, Rachel Blistein, knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle with your hair.  She fought with her naturally curly hair for the first 30+ years of her life and only learned to embrace it after understanding how to give it the moisture it so desperately craved. The entire business grew from her quest to help others understand their own hair and embrace what makes them original.  She maintains an active hand in the business and continues to personally formulate each new product while crafting the brand’s approach to understanding, cutting, and styling diverse textures.  You can read more about Rachel’s Hair Story here.

Our Team

A picture of Eboni, a Senior Stylist at the Original Moxie Salon.
Eboni P.

Eboni is our resident expert at natural hair and protective styles.

One of our stylists, all of which are certified in the Moxie Method which makes them experts in all shapes and textures, but especially curly hair!
Emma P.

(Temporarily Unavailable for Booking)
Emma enjoys educating others on proper hair care techniques. She helps her clients create streamlined routines that work for them.

A picture of a Kyanna, a stylist at the Original Moxie Salon
Kyanna F

``The only constant is change, and my goal in hairstyling is to be a facilitator for self-expression throughout the seasons of life.``