Red Door Program

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When Original Moxie CEO & Founder, Rachel Blistein first began creating her own hair care products, it was out of a deep sense of unhappiness and frustration with her natural texture. She began in her very humble basement workshop, which was small, dark, and occasionally flooded. In order to battle the gloom, she painted the old wooden door to the workshop a cheerful red.

For five years, as she built her company literally from the ground up, that red door marked the threshold to a new reality in which she could embrace her curly hair and help others to do the same.

In keeping with the company’s long-standing commitment to outreach and its mission to celebrate diverse textures, the Red Door Program will provide hands-on help and concrete resources for youth who want help embracing their natural hair. The Red Door Program is now accepting applicants between the ages of 5 and 13 from economically and/or socially disadvantaged (e.g. adoption) backgrounds.

Applications are due by December 31st, 2023, and three applicants will be chosen and announced on January 15th, 2024. Recipients will receive $750 worth of natural hair coaching, services, and products over the course of one year. Our Holiday Sale, which will fund the Program, will take place on November 24-27, 2023, and, like previous Black Friday Sales, will allow customers to enjoy deep discounts on their favorite products.

To nominate a candidate fill out the application form below!

Step through the Red Door today!