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We specialize in curls & waves and apply our unique Moxie Method™, a texture-positive approach, to cutting & styling hair. We offer a full range of holistic salon services as well as hair care consultations and product tutorials for every age.

Salon Services



Mandatory for all NEW clients or clients who have not come in for over a year. Can be performed Virtually or In Person. Prepaid.

Moxie Curl


Hair Assessment, Wash & Go, Curl-Friendly Drying, & Styling Tutorial.

Moxie Cut


Hair Assessment, Curly Cut, Styling Tutorial, Curl-Friendly Drying.

Styling Tutorial


Hair Assessment, Customized Product Regimen, & Hands-on Styling Demo

Moisture Detox™ – New Client


Hair Assessment, Moisture Detox, Wash & Go, Curl-Friendly Drying, & Styling Tutorial.

The Moxie Experience


Hair Assessment, Scalp Detox & Massage, Moisture Detox™, Curly Cut, Curl-Friendly Drying.

Little Sprout Tutorial - Basic


Virtual or In-Person Hair Assessment & Customized Product Regimen for Curly Kids & Parents or Guardians.

Little Sprout Tutorial - Enhanced


Hair Assessment, Wash & Go, Curl-Friendly Drying, Tutorial.

Moxie Toddler Cut (3 & Under)


Hair Assessment, Express Curly Cut, & No-Heat Style.

Scalp Detox


Deeply Clarifying and Exfoliating Cleansing Treatment.

Moisture Detox™ (Return Clients)


Removes Build-Up, Balances Moisture Levels, & Enhances Curl Definition.

Conditioning Pre-Treatment


Restores Lipid Balance & Elasticity to Dry Hair.



Bond-Building Treatment for Damaged Hair.

Beard Spa


Cleansing, Exfoliating, & Moisturizing Treatment Includes Facial Massage & Hot Towel.

Moxie Cut


Precision Curly Cut for Wavy to Tightly Curled Hair.

Moxie Trim


All-Over Clean Up with Minimal Length Removal. Must Be Booked No More than 2 Months from Last Cut.

Bang Trim


Available as an Add On with a Trim or Cut.

Line Up


Clipper Clean Up for Edges & Neckline.

Color Retouch (Return Clients)


Root Re-touch, Shampoo, Condition, & Style.

Single Process


All-Over, Bleach-Free Color Application, Shampoo, Condition, & Style. In-Person Consultation is required.

Custom Color/Creative Color


High Lift, Vibrant, or Fashion Colors. Shampoo, Condition, & Style. In-person Consultation Required.

Dimensional Color


Curl-by-Curl Highlights or Lowlights.

Moxie Wash & Go


Shampoo, Condition, Natural Curly Style (No Rod Sets or Finger Coils), & Curl-Friendly Drying.

Moxie Blow Out - Loose Textures


Shampoo, Condition, Blow Out, & Light Thermal Styling with Heat Protectant.

Moxie Blow Out -Tight Textures


Shampoo, Deep Condition, Blow Out, & Light Thermal Styling with Heat Protectant.

Moxie Stretch


Shampoo, Deep Condition, Moisturizing, & Low-Heat Stretching for Tight Textures. No Additional Thermal Styling Included.

Moxie Silk Press


Silk Blowout with Professional Damage-Minimization Techniques and Products. Deep Conditioning Treatment Included.

Protective Style


Includes Finger Coils, Two-Strand Twists, Flat Twists, Bantu Knots, Etc. Pre-treatment, Shampoo, Deep Condition, Style, & Set. Consultation Required.

Updo/Formal Style


Includes French Braids, Buns, Half-Up/Half-Down, etc. Performed on Dry, Post-Wash Day Hair and Includes Pinning, Curling, & Accessories as Needed. On-Site Services Available By Request.

Locs Experience


Scalp & Hair Health Assessment, Personalized Care Regimen, Scalp Detox, Scalp Massage, Moisture Detox, Moisturizer, Re-twist, & Set. Not Available for Interlocs.

Locs Detox


Scalp Detox, Scalp Massage, Moisture Detox™, & Moisturizer. No Retwisting or Palm Rolling Included.

Locs Re-twist


Scalp Massage, Shampoo, Moisturizer, Definer, Re-twist with Clips, & Set.

Locs Maintenance


Scalp Massage, Shampoo, Moisturizer, Definer, Re-twist with Clips, Palm Rolling, & Set.

Locs Cut


All-Over Dry Shaping & Tip Tucking. No Shampoo or Product Application.

Locs Trim


Ends Clean-Up & Tip Tucking. No Shampoo or Product Application.

Locs Color Services


Includes Dipping, Single-Process Color, & Root Retouching. Price Varies by Service & Length/Density.

Locs Updos/Formal Styles


For Return Clients Only. Special Occasion Braided & Twisted Styles.

Signature Services

Moisture Detox™

Moisture Detox - Signature Hair Treatment

A natural multi-action corrective treatment that removes build-up, restores moisture levels, and repairs damage.

Hair Assessments

The image depicts three women in a hair salon called Original Moxie.

A diagnostic assessment of your hair and scalp that allows us to pinpoint your unique hair type and recommend products.

Little Sprouts™

A mother holding her daughter.

We know how hard it can be manage your little one’s curly hair! Let us help.

Our Team

All of our stylists receive extensive training in our Full Spectrum Diagnostic System and the Moxie Method of cutting and styling hair. This means that each team member is an expert in understanding and optimizing your unique hair type.

Kyanna F.

``The only constant is change, and my goal in hairstyling is to be a facilitator for self-expression throughout the seasons of life.``

LaMani Carter

``My favorite part of being a stylist is that I can show people how beautiful their natural hair is.``

Our business is personal.

At Original Moxie®, we believe that it’s all good hair™! Our mission is to reveal and celebrate everything that makes your hair wonderfully and singularly yours.

Kids curly hair cut in the Original Moxie Salon by curly hair specialists certified in the Moxie Method.


``I have had 2 haircuts from Eboni and each time she’s exceeded my expectations. I did the “big chop” from long curls to the most unbelievable Afro Tapered fade...TWICE. She is amazing, and so is Original Moxie. Thanks Again.

Allie M.

via Facebook

``...There are the many perks that you get at other salons like hot tea and a suite of specialty products. However, the salon products are all-natural. This was the first time a salon didn't try to blow out my hair straight nor did I walk out with a weird catalogue cut which happens more often than not...``

Kiri S.

via Yelp

``25 years and I can finally rock my natural curls with shine, definition, and no frizz! They are miracle workers!!! Their products smell great and are made right here in Ypsi.``

Kiera H.

via Facebook

``I have struggled with my wavy hair for decades--mostly by either heat drying it straight or by pulling it back in a bun bc nothing ever looked good and ive tried a million products. The moxie products were recommended by multiple friends but after reading their website i decided to book an appointment for a cut and consultation. I got an appointment within a couple days. Emma was my stylist. She was thorough in assessing my hair type and cutting/shaping it to coax the curls as well as helping me learn how to care for my hair to protect and encourage the curls and help me get the right products...``

Jessica O.

via Yelp

``The stylists at Original Moxie gave me the perfect style for my hair texture and face shape. Their products make my hair soooo soft, shiny, and manageable. Not to mention, you can trust the ingredients are not toxic and are safe!``

Tava C.

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