Our Team

All of our stylists receive extensive training in our Full Spectrum Diagnostic System and the Moxie Method of cutting and styling hair. This means that each team member is an expert in understanding and optimizing your unique hair type.

Kyanna Frederick

``The only constant is change, and my goal in hairstyling is to be a facilitator for self-expression throughout the seasons of life.``

LaMani Carter

``My favorite part of being a stylist is that I can show people how beautiful their natural hair is.``

Janelle Franklin

``What I love about working with curls and as a Moxie stylist is the ability to work with so many different hair types... I also love the diversity of the clientele.``

Cortney Collins

``Learning about my curly hair made me love my hair. Now my passion is teaching my clients to love their hair and bring their goals to life.``